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Jimmy 478b393917 Add dummy server for testing 4 months ago
Jimmy 21e2aefbe8 Change to CMD 6 months ago
Jimmy 265879de92 change jar to server.jar 6 months ago
Jimmy 84d7bc4d25 Print java version 6 months ago
Jimmy baea748f90 Update to java 17 6 months ago
Jimmy 0f78b51945 Open socket before defer close 6 months ago
Jimmy 0d05c20961 Add comments 7 months ago
Jimmy 88718390fa Add ignore line based on regex 7 months ago
Jimmy 1075fac43f Add line ignore regex 7 months ago
Jimmy 23294760b6 Add default regex 7 months ago
Jimmy 119251c799 Reset colour 8 months ago
Jimmy dbe6362fc7 Fix typos 8 months ago
Jimmy 8c4a434afd Use multi stage build 8 months ago
Jimmy 082084dd13 Colour logs, check server jar exists 8 months ago
Jimmy 17dd869ff3 Add JAR env. Add env debug vode 8 months ago
Jimmy 19700e5b4f Swtich to latest 9 months ago
Jimmy 974caf208b Add Server Stopped message 9 months ago
Jimmy 81bbcf4b17 Add latest tag 9 months ago
Jimmy 15d38dece9 Update to Java 16 by default 9 months ago
Jimmy baf4c9a383 Formatting 1 year ago
Jimmy 4112ad56b4 Don't create bin dir if it allready exists 1 year ago
Jimmy 8feaca77b2 Update readme 1 year ago
Jimmy fe266e57de Update readme 1 year ago
Jimmy 767122e8c0 Add script to download Minecraft server 1 year ago
Jimmy c16ce977f8 Remove entry.sh 1 year ago
Jimmy 3508e16c64 Remove binaries 1 year ago
Jimmy 80f5be957b Add example of MIN_MEM STOP and JAR 1 year ago
Jimmy a43de5a4f3 Exclude server files 1 year ago
Jimmy b7268bdfad Removed second server. Changed location of server under volumes 1 year ago
Jimmy 95f086454f Changed name of image 1 year ago
Jimmy 918b837067 Remove uneeded files 1 year ago
Jimmy Allen 9f136dff2a Can specify java version 1 year ago
Jimmy Allen 4277fffcf5 Initial commit 2 years ago
jimmy 0be5068d88 Initial commit 2 years ago